Unique Water Fountains ~

A unique water fountain becomes the center of attraction in your home oro office decor. There are so many designs and unique styles available in indoor, outdoor and garden fountains that you are sure to find one that suits your taste and brings a delightful water feature to your decor.

A unique water fountain serves as a welcoming feature in your home, or as an inviting focal in a special place in your garden landscape. People are drawn to gather around water features, so a patio or garden seating area is the ideal places to add an outdoor water fountain.

Turn an plain, uninteresting spot in your home or yard into a soothing, relaxing place that encourages people to stop and enjoy the benefits of the fountain while it adds a decorative and stylish element. A water fountain is an excellent way to express your own unique personality and philosophy. In our busy lives spent indoors so much of the time, flowing water can bring us back in touch with our natural environment.

The Unique Art of Indoor Fountains
Combine beautiful imagery, colors and the tranquil sound of moving water for a truly captivating addition to your inddo decor. Visit Simply Fountains to view their extensive selection of these creative wall fountains.
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Enjoy the soothing sounds and tranquil fall of rain any time, indoors or out, with this striking rainfall fountain. As an addition to a living room or solarium, or even outside in a garden, this rainfall fountain replicates the sound of a rainforest mist or a gentle spring shower. The calming rain drops act as white noise to mask the distractioning sounds of a loud work environment or busy household. Hammacher Schlemmer.

illuminated floating fountain

This commercial-grade device allows you to transform an existing pond, water garden, or reflection pool into an effervescent lighted fountain without extensive plumbing, renovation, or complex jet systems, and it only requires 12" of water to create a 10' diameter plume. This floating fountain can be placed in any still, filtered water body up to 1/4 acre in size, and unlike commonly available units with a single stream that merely bubbles or does not project more than 18", this model comes with five different interchangeable nozzles to create a variety of spray patterns. A ring of 42 LEDs rated to 100,000 hours of continuous operation is built into the fountain base and activates as soon as the sensor detects dusk—illuminating the plume throughout the night, then shutting off at dawn! Hammacher Schlemmer.


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